The SIMEC Group is an international energy, infrastructure and natural resources business; founded 50 years ago which in 2016 had an annual turnover of almost $2.5 billion net assets valued at $350 million. It is part of the GFG Alliance, which has a combined turnover in excess of US$15bn and net assets valued at US$ 3.1bn. Its activities span renewable energy generation, mining, shipping and commodities trading through its key hubs in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. SIMEC has a key focus on developing large-scale green energy to support GFG’s low-carbon metals and industrials strategy – GREENSTEEL.

SIMEC Energy have already invested £400m to date to deliver 632MW to the domestic UK energy market. We purchased the 393 MW Uskmouth Power Station in December 2014, a coal fired station which is currently being converted for biomass fuel generation. A 140 + MW Hydro Power Plant in Lochaber, Scotland and a 140MW biofuel generation plants designed to cater to rapid and peaking requirements. SIMEC have solar manufacturing capability and are an active trader and supplier of power within the UK.

In early 2018 reached a ground-breaking agreement with global tide power developers, Atlantis Resources, which will create a new force in the global renewable energy market. The aim is to build a highly-diversified, global green power enterprise, driving forward the conversion of Uskmouth Power Station in South Wales, in addition to the development of the trailblazing Meygen tidal stream project in Scotland.

Through acquisition and new development, SIMEC is steadily building up its renewable energy portfolio in the UK and has set a target to become the country’s largest green power generator by 2021 with 1-Gigawatt of capacity.

The company has now embarked on an extensive US$1bn programme of renewable energy capacity investment in Australia where it has created a new enterprise, along with market-leader, ZEN Energy, to develop a 1-Gigawatt portfolio of generation in South Australia.

SIMEC Mining has an active acquisition programme which is focused on integrating and supporting trading, steel and power generation activities of the Group and Liberty House. Its interests are focused in India, Africa, Indonesia, the UK and the USA.

SIMEC Shipping is centred around the chartering, leasing and ownership of vessels as well as port ownership and processing, and operations are soon to include port management, floating platforms for loading and discharging and a fleet of river vessels.

SIMEC Industry is currently completing the final stages of its expansion through the acquisition of a major cement manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India. This state-of-the-art modern 6-million-ton integrated cement plant operates its captive limestone mines, as well as own port, power plant and desalination unit. Further ancillary cement grinding and bagging plants of 1 million tonnes each are under implementation in Bahrain and Sri Lanka.

SIMEC Commodities specialises in the trade of both hard and soft commodities across the globe whilst seeking to support the GFG Alliance as a whole with raw materials for its expanding process oriented businesses.