Africa Prospect Development Zambia (APDZ) specializes in the evaluation, financing and development of commercial opportunities within the vibrant Zambian mining sector.

Our finance division has established the Zambian Mining Development Fund in partnership with a selection of leading Zambian and International financial institutions. This gateway fund offers investors a low risk and secure path to investment and participation in the Zambian mining sector. The fund offers investors a fixed annual return on investment.

Our mineral prospect portfolio is dominated by large scale, high potential, copper, cobalt, nickel and gold prospects in Zambia’s highly prospective North Western province. All of these prospects are located in close proximity to proven super deposits of copper and cobalt and lie adjacent to some of the largest copper mining operations in Africa. In addition to our North Western prospects, APDZ is also actively engaged in the development of other high potential mineral prospects across Zambia.

Our management group is made up of highly successful leaders within Zambian and international business. Our leadership team has proven success in international mining finance and mineral prospect development.
Our social enhancement programs are designed to improve the livelihoods of the local communities in the areas of Zambia in which we work.