Xcalibur has been in operation since 2003 with over 4 million line-km of data collected for a wide range of clients while maintaining an excellent safety record. The company has operated successfully in the majority of African countries, the Middle East and Canada

A small but effective management team is at the helm of an experienced group of geophysicists, pilots, engineers, operational and administrative staff. Our unique fleet of aircraft allows us to collect data in challenging environments due to their low level flying ability and power to weight ratio’s.

We have a Class II and Class III Aircraft Operating Certificate with N1, N2, G3 & G16 Type Air Services licenses, we also maintain our own aircraft as an approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO 1301). We pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to aircraft safety as well meeting all Civil Aviation requirements, both local and in the countries in which we operate.

Safety, efficient operations and exceptional data quality are the foundation on which the company operates and underpin the key values of the company.