The Ministry of Mines and Steels Development (MMSD) is an institution set up to unlock the economic potentials of the solid minerals sub-sector in Nigeria.

The MMSD was established in 1985 as a bold attempt by the Nigerian Government to spur the rapid and beneficial development of the country’s solid mineral resources. We are an institution set up to unlock the economic potentials of the solid minerals sub-sector.

The MMSD is responsible for identifying the nation’s solid minerals, advising government on the formulation and execution of laws and regulations guiding the various stages of prospecting, quarrying, and mining; and handling sale and consumption of solid minerals in the country, through the issuance of Permits, Licenses, Leases and Collection of rents, Fees and Royalties.


To transform Nigerian Mineral and Metal Sector into irresistible Mining destination for global capital, attracting foreign direct investment to grow the sector to optimum level.


Exploitation of the mineral endowment spread across the nation and the establishment of a vibrant metal industry for wealth creation, employment generation, poverty reduction, promotion of rural economy and significant contribution to the gross domestic product of Nigeria.

Essentially, the Ministry is charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. Formulating policy
  2. Providing information and knowledge to enhance investment in the sector
  3. Regulating operations in the solid minerals sector
  4. Generating appropriate revenue for the government

Furthermore, about 11 agencies exist under the Ministry, namely the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA), Nigerian Institute of Mining and Geo-Sciences, Jos, Mining Cadastre Office(MCO), Council for Mining and Geo-scientist (COMEG), National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency (NSRMEA), Nigerian Coal Corporation (NCC), Nigerian Mining Corporation (NMC), Bitumen Project, etc.