Finding the next major discovery for our partners

Magnus Minerals is a prospect generator company and has prospective multi-commodity portfolio of over several projects in world’s most attractive mining investment jurisdiction in Finland. The company has an experienced team with technical knowhow, agility and drive with long familiarity of Finnish geology and proprietary data base that would take years to put together from scratch.

Business model offers Magnus shareholders maximum exposure to the discovery stage, which typically provides the greatest opportunity for very high share price growth, while simultaneously limiting the shareholder dilution in the industry, which is considered to be highly capital intensive.

The company finished a 4 year joint venture with Antofagasta in which Antofagasta spent 4,8M € on exploration between 2012-2015 in Central Lapland.

Magnus has been working with Boliden from the fall of 2015 on the Kitinen project in Central Lapland, and Magnus has also signed a new JV agreement with Boliden for the Pelkosenniemi property in 2016. Depending on mining industry cycle and explorations results the company is considering a First North listing within 2-3 years.

Carl Löfberg, M.Sc.

Managing director. Magnus Minerals Ltd.