International Graphite (IG) is a next-generation manufacturer of secondary graphite products and a new supply source for technologies that are helping to build a cleaner, greener world. An Australian registered private company, IG is developing advanced graphite processing facilities in the United Arab Emirates and in Western Australia’s emerging “Lithium Valley”.

The company’s flagship is a US$100m processing hub in Abu Dhabi that will meet accelerating world demand for treated graphite products. A Prefeasibility Study has been completed showing outstanding prospects for this long-term industrial project. Plant construction is expected to start in 2020 with first product by early 2021.

The company will purchase high quality concentrate from graphite miners in East Africa (Tanzania, Madagascar and Mozambique) and transport it to the UAE for value-added processing. Secondary graphite products will be sold to technology and industrial component manufacturers worldwide.

International quality, safety and environmental standards will be built into our product DNA ensuring our suppliers, operators and customers are all part of an ethical and sustainable supply chain, that extends from mine to market.