Elementos is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). We are focused on the exploration and development of tin mining projects in Australia and internationally.

Tin has been recognized as one of the most positively impacted metals in new technology applications. The value of tin is forecast to increase significantly in coming years as a result of a global shortfall in supply.  With initial tin production scheduled to start by 2021, we are anticipating to meet some of the forecast global tin supply shortfall of 40,000tpa.

Our three projects: Cleveland in Tasmania, Australia (moving to DFS in 2019); Oropesa in Spain (currently under an acquisition process from Eurotin (TSX-V: TIN) with a DFS close to completion) and Temengor in Malaysia (Joint Venture Agreement being finalised) and future developments will give Elementos a solid international footprint for production and growth.

Operated by an experienced Board and management team, we aim to create a significant production volume through our multiple projects, leveraging smart vertical integration and taking advantage of new processing methods to generate significant value for our Shareholders.