Having lodged a 43-101 Technical Report for the NORI Clarion – Clipperton Zone Project, Pacific Ocean, DeepGreen has announced its initial world-class high-grade 900 million tonne NORI Project Inferred Resource Estimate grading 1.3% Nickel, 29.2% Manganese, 1.1 % Copper and 0.2% Cobalt with an average nodule abundance of 13 kg/m².

Deep-ocean harvesting of polymetallic nodules was first accomplished more than fifty years ago. Since those pioneering harvesting efforts were carried out in the 1970s, the necessary technology and environmental science has advanced, making this a responsible way of harvesting metals for our future. To ensure minimal impact on the ocean, Nauru Ocean Resources Inc. is carrying out environmental and engineering studies to ensure that any impacts to the oceans is minimized.

Deep-sea harvesters, specially designed to minimize impact, gather selected metal-rich nodules about 4 km below the surface. Using a lift system, the metals for our future are lifted to the surface ship. What is recovered is taken to land for DeepGreen’s patented processing.