The Bureau du Cadastre Minier de Madagascar, (Mining Cadastral Office) has set up the Mining Business Center (MBC).
The building is open to all and the BCMM is open to all proposals, partnerships and collaborations in order to enhance this heritage.

From mining administration fees, the BCMM and each Malagasy mining operator contributed to the establishment of this mining hub. It is still with a view to this mining promotion that we are looking for international partners for Madagascar.

The MBC is a showcase of the mining wealth of Madagascar, as mining shopping mall and 725 m2 of museum allow national operators to display and sell their exceptional products.

A 1000-seat amphitheater, several meeting rooms and four VIP lounges invite businessmen from around the world. Hosting international trade fairs and conferences on the mining sector is now possible with the MBC.
A front office of the mining administration is set up to facilitate the exchange between the Malagasy State and foreign investors.

Located near Ivato International Airport, the connection between the international and domestic market is one of the main objectives of the MBC. In the long term, reduce intermediaries to raise prices for smallholders and processors of mining products.